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  • The PKL Team is a true asset to the maintenance department … They continue to exceed my expectations every quarter and continue to set the bar higher. Thank you for the great work.

    1st Lt Alfaro – AAMO
  • As always, an excellent product and service from PKL. Over the past several months I have had to rely on PKL extensively to conduct day to day operations. They are the only reason this squadron has been successful.

    Lewis – MMCO
  • PKL contract management is superb and customer satisfaction is evident by the positive feedback relayed to AFSAT by RSAF Senior leadership. All contract deliverables are submitted on time with accurate information. PKL proactive involvement has negated the escalation of potential problems by resolving situations immediately… PKL has maintained 100% compliance with coverage of instructors when on leave, illness, or due to no notice departure from the company. The lines of communication between PKL-USG and PKL-RSAF are superb… PKL continues to find innovative solutions to everyday situations in working with the Royal Saudi AF (RSAF). PKL’s administration of this complex contract has been flawless.

    Taplin – RSAF Contracting Officer
  • This team is outstanding! Dedicated, knowledgeable, hardworking, and never ceases to impress. PKL has been a tremendous help in reducing our workload. Would take them to war with us any day.

    Maintenance Chief
  • HMMT-164 was inspected by CNAF … and the unit was identified as the best they had seen in 5 years … Comments made by the inspection team indicated that the civilian contractors and marines working together is the best they have seen, you can’t tell the difference.

    Hernandez – Maintenance Chief

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