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  • PKL has developed and submitted 100% of the Field Detachment Training (FTD) Courseware. Of the approved courseware PKL coordinates all FTD course attendance based on student availability. PKL has gone above the requirement of training 90% eligible RSAF students in train the trainer course, in order to achieve an end state of organic maintenance capability PKL has consistently maintained 100% throughout the year.

    Taplin – RSAF Contracting Officer
  • PKL Services excels in a challenging environment to provide quality USAF standard aircraft maintenance training to Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) technicians. PKL goes above and beyond to tackle issues to keep the RSAF mission moving forward.

    Melchione – Contracting Officer
  • PKL is a great asset to HMM-268. Their work ethic coupled with their knowledge and experience is truly beneficial to the maintenance department.

    CWO2 Watrus – MMCO
  • This is an outstanding team. The expertise and flexibility of this team has greatly contributed to our readiness and mission accomplishment.

    Gregory – AMO
  • PKL’s training of the RSAF technicians has proven to be invaluable. For instance an aircraft recently arrived with a malfunctioning fuel indication that after several failed attempts to repair the aircraft by contracted maintenance and active duty members, RSAF personnel requested PKL’s instructors and students to assist. The students following proper troubleshooting procedures recently learned were able to pinpoint the malfunctioning components down to a defective signal generator and a right forward wing fuel probe both burned out due to a shorted out cannon plug. In another occasion, trainees and instructors had the opportunity to troubleshoot an IRST/Sniper pod malfunction. The aircraft acceptance team had been troubleshooting the malfunction for 2 days without resolution. The students with minimal assistance from the instructors were able to isolate the problem to a defective Number 1 Miscellaneous Relay Panel. Their ability to use proper technical data and troubleshooting techniques learned throughout their training contributed to the student’s success in repairing the malfunctions with minimal assistance or guidance from the PKL instructors truly validating the quality of the F-15SA Skills Upgrade Training program.

    Taplin – RSAF Contracting Officer

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