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  • The PKL Team is a true asset to the maintenance department … They continue to exceed my expectations every quarter and continue to set the bar higher. Thank you for the great work.

    1st Lt Alfaro – AAMO
  • HMMT-164 was inspected by CNAF … and the unit was identified as the best they had seen in 5 years … Comments made by the inspection team indicated that the civilian contractors and marines working together is the best they have seen, you can’t tell the difference.

    Hernandez – Maintenance Chief
  • This is an outstanding team. The expertise and flexibility of this team has greatly contributed to our readiness and mission accomplishment.

    Gregory – AMO
  • As always, an excellent product and service from PKL. Over the past several months I have had to rely on PKL extensively to conduct day to day operations. They are the only reason this squadron has been successful.

    Lewis – MMCO
  • PKL executed the move to the new training facility. The RSAF Senior leadership at the King Khalid Training Center had planned for the move to take two months; however, PKL instructors and staff accomplished the task of moving contents and set up of 52 classrooms (cabinets, tables, computers, projectors), Supports Section, Material Control Sections, 6 F-15 aircrafts, 30 pieces of both powered and non-powered AGE in 3 days. RSAF Chief of Staff recognized PKL for their efforts.

    Taplin – RSAF Contracting Officer

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