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What is the Callan Course™?


The CALLAN COURSE™ is a distillation of Paul Callan’s personal leadership paradigm and is comprised of six distinct units. Collectively, the six units form The CALLAN METHOD™ – Paul’s cohesive and proven philosophy that expertly ranges the art and science of leadership from both the individual and organizational perspectives. The CALLAN COURSE™ can be used by any organization in a training environment, formal curricula, as an element in a seminar or symposium, or as the centerpiece of a keynote address.

The CALLAN COURSE™ provides a completely new, fresh, and unique way of understanding and mastering leadership. The overarching intent of the course is to instill a true leader’s paradigm, describe the necessary journey to become an authentic leader and create enduring significance, instill ethos as the foundation for organizational greatness, and generate organizational alignment to sustain superior performance. The CALLAN COURSE™ combines deep insight into leadership coupled with a truly fun and engaging atmosphere in which Paul relates his philosophy to mythological metaphors, archetypes, heroes, and parables. In this way, Paul emphasizes the enduring, time-tested truths of The Hero, of authentic leadership, and the hard but essential journey to personal and organizational transformation.

The six units of the CALLAN COURSE™ are:




For more information about the Callan Course™ please view our Brochure here or visit our Callan Course website.


About Paul Callan

\"\"Paul Callan is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel who served for nearly 30 years at the highest levels within the Marine Corps, leading large, dynamic organizations in peacetime and in combat. Paul has extensive experience leading people and transforming organizations into champions and models of excellence. Paul is a highly respected mentor and teacher whose leadership philosophy and expertise are actively sought by military leaders and business executives alike. Paul has a BA from Colgate University and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Naval War College with an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies.

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