The PKL Ethos provides the cornerstone elements of our company:  Who we are, what we believe in, and what we stand for. Our Ethos is the soul of our company, our non-negotiable core.


The Five Elements of PKL’s Ethos:

ROW TRUE. This is our motto, of which there are two key elements. The first is Personal Accountability: Each person has their hands on an oar and is accountable for their attitude, performance, and behavior. The second element is Teamwork: We are all in the boat together, rowing towards the future, and rowing unified towards a common goal.

PROFESSIONALISM. By professionalism we mean high standards of conduct, appearance, demeanor, and behavior. We treat each other, and our customers and partners, with respect, dignity, and commitment.

KNOWLEDGE. We gain knowledge by a life-long pursuit of technical excellence, education, qualifications, and certifications. We strive to master ourselves and our work, and then transfer our knowledge from person-to-person and generation-to-generation within our company.

LEADERSHIP. We prize leadership above all other qualities. We will create and sustain a culture of leadership and establish clear expectations where leading, and leading well, is our most sacred responsibility. When we create great leaders, all other problems take care of themselves.

SERVICE. Serving others—our co-workers, customers, clients, and community—reflects our virtues. When we focus on service we willingly give our best for goals greater than ourselves.


PKL Vision

Our vision is clear and compelling; a shared intention to retain the best of our past while also propelling us confidently into the future.

PKL’s Vision Statement: We are an elite provider of skilled personnel, delivering Aerospace Maintenance, Training, and Logistics Services, committed to continual improvement, exceeding customer expectations, and implementing quality standards in dynamic environments.

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