PKL Services, Inc. is a global provider of skilled personnel for aerospace services specializing in aircraft maintenance, training, logistics, program management, leadership development, as well as engineering and manufacturing.

We view these competencies as the elements defining our meaning and purpose—and the fulcrum of our strategy and execution.

Our value proposition—the characteristics distinguishing us from other companies and the compelling reason for you to partner with PKL—contains these four attributes:

  • Agility. As a wholly owned company by a single owner with no external investment partners, PKL is financially sound with competitive rates and without constraints or liabilities. PKL is lean, highly aligned, and extremely responsive to quickly identify and solve problems. Clients and partners have direct access to our leadership team, and we deeply value our ability to creatively solve problems and provide winning solutions.
  • Integration. We not only provide world-class services in maintenance, training, logistics, and program management, but what really sets PKL apart is our proven ability to integrate these capabilities into customized and bundled services uniquely tailored for our customers’ needs.
  • Expansive Network. Our Executives and Directors have extensive backgrounds in the aerospace industry, maintain exceptional professional connections, business networks, and access across the globe. This network provides you, our customers and partners, with tremendous information, business intelligence, and connections to key decision makers and important influencers.
  • Lifecycle Management. PKL’s support philosophy is centered on managing a lifecycle within our customers’ workforces to attain self-sustainment. PKL provides the mechanisms for near term readiness, production, and proficiency, but equally, to transfer to our clients our knowledge and expertise to create organic talent pools to sustain future growth.

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