With tremendous experience in fixed wing, rotary wing, and tilt rotor aircraft maintenance, PKL provides quality personnel and expert services to meet customer goals. PKL’s underlying objective is to expertly maintain our customer’s aircraft while providing efficiencies through continuous process improvement.

PKL’s current contracts provide program management, quality assurance, and skilled technical artisans across the entire range of aviation maintenance and logistics services. PKL’s corporate team has applied these skills at all maintenance echelons; including headquarters, organizational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance.

Working at diverse international locations, PKL personnel operate as fully autonomous teams or as integrated individual artisans. We provide personnel that augment maintenance support both ashore and afloat, on the flight line, in squadron work centers, in back-shops, and in combat theatres of operation.

As a proven industry leader for multiple large contracts, PKL seeks to team with other companies of equal or greater experience, each having the same exacting standards for quality workmanship and timely service.

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