PKL provides qualified instructors to US and international customers, delivering a wide range of training solutions to meet aircraft maintenance and flight training requirements. PKL produces highly qualified technicians and aviators in their assigned specialties who are capable of performing to high standards.

training-03Maintenance Training

PKL provides qualified instructors to perform progressive maintenance specialty training to upgrade junior-level and mid-level technicians as applicable from a USAF 3-Level skill standard through advanced 7-Level training. Additionally, PKL provides a Train-the-Trainer course enabling senior-level technicians to provide instruction to less experienced students. Strategic partnerships with other industry-leading companies, also enables PKL to offer curriculum development to our customers.

Maintenance training is performed in the following maintenance occupational fields and specialties:

  • Avionics Systems
  • Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
  • Propulsion/Engines
  • Electrical/Environmental
  • Aircraft Armament Systems
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment
  • Egress
  • Fuels
  • Hydraulics
  • Non-Destructive Inspection
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Maintenance Management and Maintenance Management Analysis
  • Aircrew Flight Equipment
  • Avionics Test Stations and Avionics Sensors
  • Metals Technology
  • Precision Measurement Equipment and Weapons Loading Standardization


training-06Pilot / Air Crew Training

Aviator instruction is provided by Instructor Pilots and Weapons Systems Officers qualified and current in their applicable aircraft. Aircrew instructors provide academics, courseware, and realistic flight and simulator scenarios related to the applicable aircraft, instruct courses in local area standards and regulations, aircraft systems and performance, and basic and advanced tactical employment of the weapons system. PKL’s aircrew instructors facilitate the following types of training:

  • Initial Qualification Training
  • Mission Qualification Training
  • Continuation Training
  • Fighter Weapons Instructor Course Training


training-08Simulator Training

Flight Simulator Operators perform all flight simulator operations and provide ground training academic instruction, administration of formal tests, build realistic training scenarios, and support Ground Control Intercept and maintenance training. Specific instruction and support is tailored to high performance combat aircraft using current tactics and employment standards in the simulator, to include:

  • Aircrew Mission Qualification
  • Conversion
  • Transition and/or Requalification
  • Instructor Pilot/Instructor WSO Upgrades
  • Flight Lead Upgrades
  • Mission Commander Upgrades
  • Recurring emergency procedures, applicable check rides, and Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground training for aircrew

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