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From its headquarters in the greater San Diego area, PKL provides comprehensive aerospace services throughout North America, across Asia, and more recently, in the Middle East.

PKL’s proven support capability encompasses fixed wing, rotary wing, and tilt rotor aircraft, as well as combat and peacetime operating areas.

Our ability to support and sustain global operations is anchored on these organic capabilities:

  • Analysis of Performance Work Statements.  PKL’s seasoned leaders expertly assess the technical aspects of all contracts, provide highly efficient support solutions, and ensure those solutions are relevant to the time/space/geographic requirements of the area of execution.
  • Extensive Personal Networks.  PKL’s leadership team, from the CEO, COO, Directors, and Program Managers, retains an extensive global network of professional contacts.
  • Recruiting and Mobilization.  PKL has honed a robust organic recruiting and mobilization capability allowing us to quickly source, screen, select, and mobilize personnel to all points of the globe. With in-house travel, visa, and onboarding capacity, PKL is able to efficiently fill staffing needs to meet contract performance thresholds.
  • Responsive Contracting Office Relationships.  PKL establishes, and then diligently sustains effective personal relationships with all Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer Representatives, and Contract Specialists.  These trustworthy relations enable PKL to quickly communicate contract support needs and coordinate fluid activities regardless of geographic area, time zone, or cultural nuance.
  • In-Country Partners and Agents. PKL recognizes the importance of professional, proven, and respected in-country partners. We extensively research and vet all companies with whom we partner and develop sub-contractor relationships, and do so from the supported customer’s perspective. Our in-country partners, with deep cultural understanding and extensive knowledge in local laws and customs, enable PKL to thrive in diverse international operating areas.

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